As society grows increasingly skeptical of facts and data, there is an urgent need for clear and concise science communication

We have a responsibility as scientists to disseminate our research in order to increase public knowledge and science literacy. Through our blog, podcast, and YouTube channel we communicate our ideas and findings in an accessible way.



Workshop Series

Beginning September 2019, PSPDG is hosting a comprehensive workshop series on the different aspects of Science Communication, from poster design to storytelling, from podcast production to manuscript writing! Certificates in Science Communication can be earned by motivated participants.


Our blog has served as a platform for sharing the latest news in science development and technology from Penn’s campus and around the world. Here we keep our followers up-to-date on everything from events we’ve hosted to cutting edge research released in internationally recognized journals.


In our podcast, we interview scientists about their work, their lives, the history of knowledge, what is left to discover, and why it all matters. We explore why and how scientists have an impact on society. Camille Testard is the host and producer of the podcast, which you can find on any one of your favorite podcast apps!


For early career scientists, our videos are educational tools, with how-to’s for science policy and communication, as well as career insights from professionals in policy, diplomacy, and communication. For everybody else, our Science In Progress videos give an inside look at the cutting-edge science being done at the University of Pennsylvania and elsewhere: a sneak peak at tomorrow’s science headlines!