A student organization creating opportunities for students at UPenn to get hands-on experience in Science Policy, Diplomacy, and Communication.

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Our History

The Penn Science Policy Group (PSPG) was founded in 2013 by a group of dedicated graduate students and post-docs, led by Michael Allegrezza. Within the first few years they hosted numerous distinguished speakers, held several focused discussion groups, and made yearly trips to Capitol Hill. Founded in 2015 by Enrique Lin Shiao, the Penn Science Diplomacy Group (PSDG) has formed numerous partnerships with international entities, resulting in the exchange of scientists and scientific knowledge across borders. In 2017, PSPG and PSDG joined forces and merged to become the Penn Science Policy and Diplomacy Group. PSPDG now caters to the entire student and post-doctoral community at Penn, with a special emphasis on students pursuing science-related fields.


“Humanity's greatest challenges – and some of its most promising opportunities – are regional and global. Increasingly, the world requires effective partnerships between scientists, policymakers, and diplomats.”

— The World Academy of sciences


Our Mission

Most students in science receive little to no training in how to communicate science to non-scientists, how to advocate for the continued role of science in policymaking, or how science contributes to global diplomacy. To address this gap in knowledge, we explore the ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that arise from scientific and technical progress. The Penn Science Policy and Diplomacy Group creates and provides opportunities for students and other science trainees at the University of Pennsylvania to get hands-on training and experience in the fields of science communication, policy, and diplomacy.


Get Involved

If you’re a student or trainee at Penn, get involved to stay in-the-loop about our upcoming projects and events. You don’t need to have experience; we’re happy to train and educate people from the ground-up! Have an idea for a new initiative? Contact us and we’ll start strategizing together.

Not affiliated with Penn, but still want to get in touch? From student groups like ours around the nation, to professional scientific organizations, to local community groups and NGOs, we’re always looking for like-minded organizations to partner with.

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